All About Me.

Welcome to my Book Blog!

First off, thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am so excited to be starting this. (:

I just wanted to start off by telling you a little about myself..

My name is Katelyn. I am 21 years old, and I am from Alabama (Roll Tide!). I am working full time as a Registered Nurse. I have had a thing for books for quite a while. However, when I went to college, there was minimal time (and money), so I did not read much during that time. But now that I am out, it has become quite the obsession. I mostly read Young Adult Fiction, and any genre in that category. I do however often enjoy Adult Fiction and Contemporary novels sometimes.

I have always wanted to do something like this. I love watching BookTube, but I could not see myself doing a BookTube, so I thought that maybe putting my thoughts on a blog would be a better fit. I love reading book blogs to find new series and books to read, and I hope mine can do the same for others! I would be fibbing if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated and nervous about how this will go, but I am excited to see. I plan to do mostly book reviews, and fun bookish stuff. I am subscribed to a couple book subscriptions that I plan to write about my unboxing experiences. I am open to suggestions as well!

Random Facts:

  • I have the sweetest boyfriend that enjoys reading as well, and we have been together for 5 years.  
  • I have never been out of the United States, but I want to travel so much. I want to visit Italy terribly!
  • I am sadly obsessed with all things Disney. Ariel is my favorite!
  • My birthday is July 17th.
  • Favorite color is green. 
  • My bookshelf is currently not very large, I own around 60 books, but it is slowly growing, and I am excited about that. 
  • My favorite TV shows are Vampire Diaries (Team Stefan!) and Supernatural (Jensen Ackles, hellooo).
  • I love Italian food.
  • I do not have a favorite music type.. I’ll pretty much listen to anything. 
  • Sour Gummy Worms are my favorite candy.

So.. that’s me. This will be a learning experience for me. I am excited and I hope that you are too! (:


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