The Mortal Instruments Series: City of Lost Souls

So, recently I’ve been marathon reading The Mortal Instruments series (Way behind, I know). So far, I have loved it! I’m not going to go back and do total reviews on each books, because, well, you’ve probably all read them already.. haha.

But, I just finished City of Lost Souls, the fifth book. And.. Wow. So much is happening in this series. I don’t even know how to feel about it. I think that the characters have grown tremendously, especially Clary. She has this whole kick-butt attitude now, and I am loving it!! I love how she has developed as a character. Same goes for all of the characters, really. My initial opinions on everyone has almost completely been reversed, which is good. In most cases.

I love Cassandra Clare’s writing. It keeps me intrigued. I have finished these books rather quickly, mainly because I cannot seem to put them down!

As for the review to this one, 5 stars! I think this, so far, has been one of my favorite. (My personal favorite was City of Glass.) It had so much action, and showed a whole different side to Jace and Clary’s relationship. Much more mature of a relationship in this one. I am definitely excited to see how this series ends. I will be starting City of Heavenly Fire very soon. Watch for a review! Although, it could take a week or so. The book is massive! haha.

Thanks for reading! (:


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