City of Heavenly Fire Book Review / Mortal Instruments Series Review: No Spoilers

Okay. No words. None. This book blew my mind. Not just once, but over and over.. and over.  So good.

First of all, I love Cassandra Clare’s ability to keep her reader intrigued at all times. 725 pages of pure greatness.

There was tears, laughs, smiles.. rage. This book had me so emotional, a rainbow of emotions. Hahaha.

Toward the end, I was wondering how in the world Clare was going to tie everything together in the last 150 or so pages, then BOOM! Pure perfection of an ending. So, yeah 5 whole stars.

As for the entire series.. 5,000 stars. If you haven’t read this series, do it. You will not regret it! The whole series is so wonderfully written. There are so many things going on at one time, but it never felt overwhelming. I loved the different points of view from various characters throughout the series. It is my favorite series I’ve read thus far.

I am sad, probably more sad than I should be (haha), that this series is over. It was such a fun read. Butttt thank you, Cassandra Clare, for writing a spin off series. And not just one, but two!! I will be reading The Infernal Devices soon. And coming in March, The Dark Artifices! (EEEEEPPPP!!!)

Thanks for reading! (:


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