Lit Cube Unboxing – "Supernatural, Idjits" – October 2015

Hey guys! I have another unboxing for ya!

Lit Cube is a monthly book subscription box. The box is $29.99/month + $5.00 shipping for the US, for a total of $34.99/month. For Canada, the shipping is $10.00, so the box is $39.99.

Each box comes with a hand-picked book and bookish themed products to brings us a fun reading experience each month.

 First look!

The theme this month is “Supernatural, Idjits” based off of the show Supernatural. I’m sure you have all heard of it, and if not, you should absolutely watch it because it is amazing!

First look is great! I was seriously so excited for this box. I am a huge fan of the show, and when I found out this was the theme, I almost died. hahaha.

Spellbound Nails Supernatural Collection

Thoughts: These are cuuttee. I’ll use them!
Okay, so the first one is called “Love Me Some Pie” (How funny!) and it is a purple color with pink and blue sparkles in it, and it is also blueberry scented, inspired by Dean’s love of pie, of course.
The second one is called “We’re Going to Heaven, Clarence” and it is a light blue color with silver and blue sparkles, and it is also glow in the dark! This one is inspired by the interactions between Meg and Castiel.
The third one is called “Possession is 9/10th’s of the Law” and it is a black tinted polish with red and gold sparkles in it. It is inspired by demons and the fires of hell.
Value: $13.99

 Exclusive 3” Supernatural Inspired Button

Thoughts: This was a sneak peak this month, so I knew about it, but I did not expect it to be so big! So, I was even happier than I thought I’d be. I love it! This is obviously the motto of the show, and Dean says it quite often.

Value: $2.49

 Exclusive #AlwaysKeepFighting Keychain Swag by

Thoughts: This is a tribute to Jared Padalecki’s (Sam) charity type thing, which promotes support to help bring awareness to mental health issues. You can find out more about this at 
This is a really cute keychain. I’m assuming the gloves are for awareness and a reminder to keep fighting. The first vial is rock salt, and the second is holy water. The dangle part also has red glitter on the back side of it!
I absolutely love this. I think it has a powerful meaning and statement, and it is also cute and awesome for the fandom!

Value: $7.99

 Exclusive E-Reader Sleeve

Thoughts: This is great, haha. I don’t think my kindle will fit it in, plus I already have a case, but it will be a good bag to store bookmarks or something in!

Value: $11.99

 October 2015 Collector Card

Thoughts: Still love this idea of being able to keep cards from each box! Also, LOVE the silhouette of Bobby!!


 Two Free eBooks!

Thoughts: Always love a free book! Caelum is the first book in the Olde City Angels series, which I have never heard of, but I’ll have to check it out! It’s a Ghoul Thing is a collection of short stories which I assume are creepy-ish stories! Pretty neat! Also got two mini buttons with these!

Value: $4.32 

 Ad for The Dream Slayer series by Jill Cooper

Thoughts: Sounds like a neat series! I’ll have to check it out! 

The Spawn by Ken Nolan

Summary: The perfect couple. The perfect life. They’ve just moved in to an immaculate home in the Boston’e historic Beacon Hill. Only one thing is missing from Charles and Janet Malcom’s life: a baby. Mother Nature has denied Janet her deepest wish. But the mysterious and exciting neighbors next door promise to help her. All it will take is an agreement, and something in return. Charles Malcom descends into paranoia and terror as her wonders if their new child was indeed created the old fashioned way, or by some unnatural, dark pathway.

Thoughts: Sounds interesting! I wish I would have had time to read it in October, but maybe I’ll get to it soon! I love a creepy read!


Total Value of Cube: $56.77

So, there is it! LitCube October 2015. I loved this box! But I’m borderline obsessed with Supernatural, so I’m biased. hahaha. But no, really. It was a great box! 

If you’re interested too, head over to and get yours!

I hope you enjoyed my #LitCube unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (: 



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