Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing – November 2015

Hello guys!

Today I have a really exciting brand new unboxing for you!

This is Fandom of the Month Club! Each absolutely adorable box contains 3-4 fandom-inspired jewelry item with a surprise theme!  Each month the jewelry comes in a custom hand screen print muslin  super cute drawstring bag!

Fandom of the Month Club is $13/month plus shipping!

First look!

From the first look, I was thinking Harry Potter because of the postcard, but this month’s theme is actually just a overall fandom theme in general. There will be 5 items in this box because this month was their one year anniversary! So Happy Anniversary, Fandom of the Month Club! (:

 Fandom Magnet

Thoughts: Each month we get a custom bookmark! And how cute is this?! Can’t wait to use it. I really like it!

 Harry Potter Bookmark

Thoughts: Oh my gosh. Obsessed!! This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. To be honest, this bookmark was the reason I subscribed to this this month. I saw it on her Geeky Cauldron instagram (Same person, btw), and it is exclusive to this box, and you all already know that I am reading HP for the first time and am obsessed, so naturally I just had to!

I’ve already used it, and I am in loveeeee.

 Dr. Who Tardis Ring

Thoughts: I am actually not in the Dr. Who fandom, but I’ve had multiple people tell me I would like it if I watched it, so I do plan on giving Dr. Who a try eventually!

This is an adjustable ring.

 “Not Penny’s Boat” Lost Necklace

Thoughts: Again, not a fandom I am in. I do want to watch Lost though! I’ve wanted to for a while, so at least I’ll enjoy this more once I have and once I understand the reference. Haha. Cute though!

 Mockinjay Keychain

Thoughts: A fandom I am on! Woooo! Haha! This is awesome, it is made really well! I need a new keychain, mine recently broke, so great timing! I like this a lot. 

Btw, did you guys see Mockinjay Part 2? Cause whoaaa. Loved it!

Dragon Earrings

Thoughts: Uhh I don’t actually know what fandom this is from, but regardless, they’re really cute, and I’ll wear them! They’re so littleeee and I love it!

Well, there is it! Fandom of the Month Club November! 

Also, the reason I did not include values was because I could not find them. I believe she handcrafts these herself, and I imagine they’re around the same pricing as on her Geeky Cauldron Etsy page, and that means that the value of the box is well over $13! If you like what you see, you should definitely check out her Etsy page!

I love this box! It is such a great idea. I never ever buy fandom jewelry, so this is a pretty cheap way to get 3-4 pieces a month! Although, I’m only loving 3/5 of the pieces, I still recommend this box! It is affordable, and great if you’re into fandom jewelry!

If you’re interested, you can head over to and get yourself one!

BTW… I hear that December’s theme is STAR WARS!!

I hope you enjoyed my #FandomOfTheMonthClub Unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:  


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