My Harry Potter Journey: Part 3 of 7

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (HP, #3)

Hello friends!

Welcome to my third portion of my 7 part Harry Potter series journey!

For anyone that does not know, I am doing this little journey blogging because it is my very first time reading Harry Potter! So far, the experience has been fantastic! If you have not seen my previous 2 posts, go check those out also! (:

Okay, so third book. Wow. So many feelings in this one! Part of me wishes that I hadn’t seen the movie before I read this one because of the plot twists. I imagine I would have been floored if I didn’t already know about what was going to happen!

I really enjoyed this book! It was a very fun, and entertaining read. I read it super quick. I watched the movie again after I read it, and it still brings my heart so much joy as to how close the Harry Potter movies are to the book. I love that so much, haha!

You all know I am obviously a Gryffindor. (Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff, but Harry chose his own house, so why can’t i?! Haha).

My favorite character in this one was… Crookshanks!! Lol. If he counts as a character.. I thought it was great how he kept trying to get to Scabbers because he knew he was actually Peter Pettigrew! I do wish the movie would have shown a little more of the Crookshanks twist than it did. We actually did not see enough of that in the movie, in my opinion.

I also loved Sirius Black, obviously. I really liked how his character made a complete 180 in the book. We all thought he was the bad guy… WRONG! Good guy, total good guy! And the fact that Harry has someone in his life that cares, like a family member, made me so happy!

Favorite quote?  I have two. One funny one, and a serious one!

1. “What would it have been for you?” said Ron, sniggering. “A piece of homework that only got nine out of ten?” – Ron to Hermione when they were talking about the boggart in Defense against the Dark Arts class. I love love love the friendship between Ron, Harry, and Hermione. They are awful to each other and great all at the same time, and it is just the best.

2. “Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.” – Mr. Weasley to Harry. This is when Harry was given the Marauder’s Map. I just like this quote. Nice one, Mr. Weasley!

Favorite part? You mean other than when Hermione slapped the heck out of Malfoy because YES! Hahaha. Okay, but right.. other than that.. I loved when Sirius was asking Harry to stay with him over the break. The feeeellllssss.

So yeah, really liked Prisoner of Azkaban! I am excited for January so I can read the Goblet of Fire! I loved that movie, and I’ve heard that it is most everyone’s favorite book, so I am very excited to read it! Even though it is super longggg. Lol.

I hope you are enjoying reading these! Please leave comments with recommendations or anything else you’d like me to include in these. If you have not read HP, do it! You will not regret it!

Thanks for reading! (:  


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