Happy Hello Art Bookmark Haul!


So, I have a different kind of post today!

I recently made a purchase from HappyHelloCo on Etsy. They were having this bookmark blowout sale where you could get a bundle of random bookmarks from their collection for a really decent price. I had been wanting to order some bookmarks from them because they’re just too cute! 

I got the 21 piece bookmark pack, so I thought that I would show you guys what I got!

Here are the first 7.  Cute, huh?! I have no idea who the first and last characters are supposed to be, so if you know, feel free to let me know.. haha.

 The second set of 7! Again, I have no idea who the second little guy is, and I’m not sure if the vampire girl is supposed to be someone specific either. BUT how cute is the baby Mike Wazowski!? Hahaha

 And the last set of 7. I do not know who the first guy is. He looks very familiar, but I can’t find him online or recall who he is. And I also have no idea who the girl at the end in red is supposed to be either. Lol. But that BAYMAX! oh my God. And Ariel. I was so excited! She’s my favorite!! 

Well, there are the 21 bookmarks I got!

Very cute! If you guys know who the ones I do not know are, pleaseee let me know. (:

I strongly recommend these bookmarks.They are magnetic and do have the backside of the characters on the backs! The shop on Etsy has so many cute characters to chose from, and they are very inexpensive! Go check them out!

Thanks for reading! (:


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