Shadowhunters TV Show Premiere: Thoughts and Opinions!

Shadowhunters TV Show Premiere: Thoughts and Opinions

Ahhhh! I honestly do not think I have been this excited for a TV Show in literally forever!! I was anticipating this SO much today! The Mortal Instruments is by far my favorite series I’ve read so far, so this was a big deal to me. Haha.

Okay, so the first episode. I went in with low expectations, only because I did not want to be disappointed, BUT I came out with really high ones! It was fantastic! It stayed very close to the book! There were some changes, obviously, but I think the small changes are going to be helpful with the TV series. This episode wasn’t super action-packed, but that’s okay. They have to lay out the story first, before it gets crazy, and if you’ve read the books, you all know IT GETS CRAZY! Hahaha. 

The cast.. PERFECT! Honestly, every one of the cast members fit the description of the character in the book really well. Simon, holy cow, Simon. *FANGIRL* So, so fine. And Jace.. man (heart eye emoji). Alec is looking pretty fine too 😉 Lollll. Magnus was a perfect cast also! Izzy, too! Katherine McNamara is a perfect Clary! She is sassy like Clary, and most importantly, she has red, very red, hair like Clary! I am very excited about the cast! The acting was good too, it was not bad at all. 

So, yeah I think I would give the first episode an 8/10! And I am SO excited to see where this series goes! I have a feeling it is going to be really great! ABC Family always has really promising shows, in my opinion. I hope you all enjoyed it also. Leave some comments telling me what you thought about it!

Thanks for reading! (:


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