Owl Crate Unboxing – "Magic" – January 2016

Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t posted in forever. It’s been a very busy month!

Anyway, time for an unboxing! MY January Owl Crate!

Description: Owl Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends you magical monthly boxes tailored to a chosen theme. Each Owl Crate will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish treats to help you get your nerd on.

Price: $29.99 + $6.99 to the US, $10.59 shipping to Canada, and $19.99 shipping to anywhere else in the world.

First look!

The theme for January is “Magic”! And that makes me very excited!

I just want to point out the card this month! (In front of the box). How cute! My favorite so far!!

Harry Potter POP! Figure by Funko: Hermione Granger

Thoughts: How cute!! My boyfriend got me my first HP Pop Figure for Christmas and he got me Dumbledore! Owl Crate included 6 different characters you could receive, so I was very excited to see Hermione to add to my collection! (:

Value: $8.95 on Barnes ad Noble

Exclusive Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas Inspired Art Print by Evie Bookish

Thoughts: This is a super pretty print! I have not read this series yet, but I have heard nothing but good things, so I’m excited to read it very soon! I definitely want to get to it this year!

Value: $12.48

 Exclusive The Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater Inspired Bookmark by Evie Bookish

Thoughts: Also another series I have not read but really want to.. Lol. But also a very pretty print! I’m obsessed with bookmarks, so this is an awesome addition to my collection!

Value: Unsure because it is not listed, but I would guess between $3 and $5?

 Patronus Lip Balm in White Chocolate Mint by Geek Fire Labs

Thoughts: LOVE lip balms, and this one smells good, so good! It is good too. I’ve already used it a few times! Love it!

Value: $4.00

 A Knot in the Grain by Robin McKinley eBook

In this collectionof five magical stories from the Newberry Medal-winning author of The Hero and the Crown, a mysterious box found in the attic helps a young girl save her new home; a mute woman meets a fallen mage; and a queen escapes her cruel uncle with the help of a shape-changing beast.

Thoughts: Sounds interesting. The only complaint I have is that it is from 1995, and this is only a discounted book, not free.. I feel like we should have this free since the box is so expensive.

Value: $6.99

Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley

Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne. The Brontes have always been inseparable. After all, nothing can bond four siblings quite like life in an isolated parsonage out on the moors. Their vivid imaginations lend them from their strict upbringing, actually transporting them into their created worlds: the glittering Verdopolis and the romantic and melancholy Gondal. But at what price? As Branwell begins to descend into madness and the sisters feel their real lives slipping away, they must weigh the cost of their powerful imaginations, even as their characters- the brooding Rogue and dashing Duke of Zamorna – refuse to let them go.

Georgeously written and based on the Brontes’ own juvenilia, Worlds of Ink and Shadow brings to life one of history’s most celebrated literary families in a thrilling, suspenseful fantasy.

Thoughts: This sounds SO interesting!! I am excited to read it! I really like the concept of bringing actual classic literature authors into the YA world. So cool.

Value: $17.95

 Letter from the Author and Paper Doll Kit

Thoughts: I really like the way Owl Crate always sends extras that go with the book! Love this!

Total Value of this Box: $54.37!

I really like the box this month! My favorite is the Hermione pop figure! (:

If you are interested, head over to www.owlcrate.com and subscribe! There are still spots for the February box and the theme is “Sci-Fi Love”! (:

I hope you enjoyed my #OwlCrate unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (: 


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