Lit Cube Unboxing – "Perfect Penpals" – January 2016

Hello! It’s a late unboxing. There was a mixup, I moved,  and my box got sent to my previous address, so I didn’t get it til later, but it’s okay! (:

Lit Cube is a monthly book subscription box. The box is $29.99/month + $5.00 shipping for the US, for a total of $34.99/month. For Canada, the shipping is $10.00, so the box is $39.99.

Each box comes with a hand-picked book and bookish themed products to brings us a fun reading experience each month.

First look!

January’s theme was “Perfect Penpals”.

Let’s see what I got!

 Exclusive Insulated Lunch Bag

Thoughts: Uhh.. This is awful. I would never use this. Mostly because it SO cheaply made. The print is just poorly made. It looks bad. I’m disappointed.

Value: $11.99  

Nourish Snacks “Menage-a-mix”

Thoughts: These were really good! They sent out multiple different types. These are gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, and vegetarian. I enjoyed it!

Value: $1.99

“Sparkly Garden” Letter-Perfect Stationery Set by Peter Pauper Press + Pen by LitCube

Thoughts: I’m not one to ever use stationery, so this will just gather dust somewhere. But it is a pretty set. The pen says “Bonafide Bibliophile” which is pretty great.

Value: $12.99

 January 2016 Collector Card

Thoughts: Very cute card this month!


Driving with the Top Down by Beth Harbinson

Three women, two weeks, one convertible: sometimes life doesn’t take you in the direction you expect…
Colleen Bradley is married with a teenage son, a modest business repurposing and reselling antiques, and longtime fear that she was not her husband’s first choice. When she decides to take a road trip down the east coast to check out antique auctions for her business, she also has a secret ulterior motive. Her one-woman mission for peace of mind is thrown slightly off course when sixteen year old Tamara becomes her co-pilot. The daughter of Colleen’s brother-in-law, Tamara is aware that when people see her as a screw-up, but she knows in her heart that she’s so much more. She just wishes her father could see it, too.

The already bumpy trip takes another unexpected turn when they stop at the diner that served as Colleen’s college hangout and run into her old friend, Bitty Nolan Camalier. Clearly distressed, Bitty gives them a story full of holes: angry with her husband, she took off on her own, only to have her car stolen. Both Colleen and Tamara sense that there’s more that Bitty isn’t sharing, but Colleen offers to give Bitty a ride to Florida.
So one becomes two becomes three as Colleen, Tamara, and Bitty make their way together down the coast. It’s a road trip fraught with tension as Tamara’s poor choices come back to haunt her and Bitty’s secrets reach a boiling point. With no one to turn to but each other, these three women might just discover that you can get lost in life but somehow, true friends provide a roadmap to finding what you’re really looking for.

Thoughts: This sounds good! I don’t go for contemporary novels super often, but this sounds like a really good summery novel!

Value: $15.99

Total Value for Box: $42.96

Umm, this box was not great for me. This has been two bad boxes back to back.. The snack was good, but everything else was boring, lame, and very cheap. Not really bookish, either. So.. I’m hoping LitCube changes my mind in the next couple months, but if it stays this bad, I am going to have to discontinue with this subscription. I can’t spend almost $40 a month for something that has a value barely over what I paid, and full of cheap items. Not happy with this month, at all. The book sounds okay, but other than that, not a fan. Come on LitCube, get it together!

Next month’s theme is “Classic Romance”! The spots for February are closed, but you can subscribe for the March box, which is going to be themed “Time Travel”, so if you’re interested, head to to get yours! 

 I hope you enjoyed my #LitCube unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:


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