The Book(ish) Box Unboxing – Galentine’s Day – February 2016

Hey friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!! (:

I have a brand new Unboxing to do for you! This is The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages! This is my very first box and I am so excited!

In this subscription box, every month you will receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and a 3-5 feminine home, beauty, and fashion items. The shirts will be exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and many items will be a contribution from other shops. 
The Book(ish) box is $29.99/month plus $5.50 shipping making the total $35.49/month! You do choose your tshirt size, and you can choose different types of tshirts/tank tops also so depending on your choices, yours may be a bit more. I chose the basic unisex tshirt for my box. (:
 First look!

The theme for February is Galentine’s Day!
How cute! I got my box yesterday and thought what better day to post it than today?? (:
Let’s get into it.
Tote Bag by Bookworm Boutique
Thoughts: The photo is sort of small, but the print says “It is the friends that call you up at 4 am to talk about books that really matter”. Very cute! I love tote bags, and surprisingly, I only have one, so this is great!
Value: $22.00
Bookmark by Bookworm Boutique 
Thoughts: The print says “There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books”. This bookmark is shiny and beautiful!! I love it and I can’t wait to use it and add to my collection!
Value: Bookmarks are not listed, but I would guess like $3-$5! 
Book Club Notebook by Yellow Paper House
Thoughts: This is a super cute notebook! It is a lot like the notebook we got in the December OwlCrate with a place for the title, author, start/finish date, rating, thoughts, but this one also has a few extra spots like summary and quotes, so that is neat! I like it!
Value: $6.00  
 Key Chain Inspired by Fan Girl by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: This is super cute! I am a little confused though.. I’m not sure how it is inspired by Fan Girl though, so ig anyone knows, let me know! Haha. Maybe I just can’t remember anything about a key chain in the book, who knows! Either way, it’s cute, and a gorgeous color!
Value: Not at all sure. It is not on the website, and they have no other key chains for me to compare. So I’ll just guess around $5?
“ovaries before brovaries” Parks & Rec Inspired Magnet by Jar of Buttons

Thoughts: I have never seen Parks & Rec, but I have heard this quote and it is so great hahaha. I love this!
Value: This shop is working an their website I believe. So, I can’t find values. But I’ll guess around $3?
T-Shirt Inspired by Perks of Being a Wallflower by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: The main item in each box is the t-shirt! I loveeee Perks of Being a Wallflower! This shirt is adorable. It also seems very well made, so I’m happy!
Value: $20.00
 Total Value for Box: Since there were so many items that I wasn’t 100% on, my estimated value is $60.00!
Well, here it is! My very first Bookish Box! I loved it! So happy with everything in it! I can’t wait to continue on with this subscription. I’m a sucker for tshirts! haha (:
If you are interested in this subscription, which you should be, there March boxes are still on sale! The theme for March is Debut Novels! You can head over to to get yours! (:

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:

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