Lit-Cube Unboxing – "Classic Romance" – February 2016

Hey hey! It’s time for my Lit Cube!

Lit Cube is a monthly book subscription box. The box is $29.99/month + $5.00 shipping for the US, for a total of $34.99/month. For Canada, the shipping is $10.00, so the box is $39.99.

Each box comes with a hand-picked book and bookish themed products to brings us a fun reading experience each month.

 First look!

The theme this month is Classic Romance!

So, as a first look, I like it! 

I’m not really sure why they changed their box, this one looks much cheaper than the old one. I liked the original box much better. But anywayyy

Lit Cube is changing up the box. Starting this month, there will be a readable, a snackable, and a wearable. So, that’s cool. They will also be other things as well, but those three will be the way they coordinate the box from this point on. 

 Let’s see!


Readable: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Thoughts: This print was exclusively designed and printed for Lit-Cube. You can get the other Jane Austen designs like this on Amazon now and other will be coming soon. I think this is an absolutely beautiful copy of this book! It is paperback, but it is gorgeous!

Value: $14.99

 Snackable: Lavender Lemon Truffles by Jack Valley Truffles

 Thoughts: Oh my gosh. These were SO yummy!! I wanted like a huge box! Seriously, fantastic. I love that they added this, and can’t wait to see the other snackables to come!

Value: $3.99

I wanted to add this also to show what the actual truffles looked like. 

I thought the quote by Mrs. Darcy was a really cute touch! I really, really enjoyed these!


 Wearable: Exclusive Austen-Inspired Perfume in “Elizabeth Bennet” by Fiction Fragrances

Thoughts: This smells so good!! It is sort of oily, and I don’t prefer that, but it smells fantastic! I’m not mad at it!

Value: $9.99 

Pride and Prejudice 5×7 Art Print

Thoughts: It’s cute! It is simple, and fits the theme of the box. I like it. And the quote is fantastic.

Value: $5.99

 Exclusive Wuthering Heights Wallet by Chick-Lit Designs

Thoughts: This is so beautiful!! I honestly did not expect this! It is a very nice sized wallet, and the photo does not do it justice. It is simply beautiful.

Value: $44. 99


 This is the back of the wallet!!

So so cool. Love it.

 Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy Magnetic Bookmarks by HappyHelloCo.

Thoughts: I have multiple of these little bookmarks and I love them! So cute!

Value: $4.99

February 2016 Collector Card
Thoughts: Very, very cute!!

Total Value of Box: $84.94!!

Well, this box absolutely made up for the last few boxes! Very, very cute and great box. I was impressed. Hopefully this kind of thing will continue!
Next month’s theme is “Time Travel”! Spots are open until the last day of February, so if you’re interested, head to to get yours! 

 I hope you enjoyed my #LitCube unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:


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