The Book(ish) Box Unboxing – Favorite Villians – April 2016

Hey and yay for this month’s first unboxing!

This is The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages!

In this subscription box, every month you will receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and a 3-5 feminine home, beauty, and fashion items. The shirts will be exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and many items will be a contribution from other shops. 

The Book(ish) box is $29.99/month plus $5.50 shipping making the total $35.49/month! You do choose your tshirt size, and you can choose different types of tshirts/tank tops also so depending on your choices, yours may be a bit more. I chose the basic unisex tshirt for my box. (:

 First look!

The theme this month is “Favorite Villians”! 
Ooohhhh! Excited!

I wanna point out their box also! I LOVE that the box is different every month! They always put the theme on one side, and something related to the theme on the other (which you will see in the next photo). I just think that is really neat!

T-shirt Inspired by Sherlock by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: I like this. It isn’t my favorite shirt I’ve gotten, but I like it! I saw that some people got it in a teal blue color, and I would have rather had that, but it’s okay! This works too. (:

Value: $28.00 

Snape Mug by Coffee Reading Writing

Thoughts: OHHH MYY GOSSHHH. I literally squealed when I pulled this out of the box! It is just perfect!

Value: $12.00

Here is the other side of the mug! I just really love this, like, a lot! (:

Warner’s Soaps – Shatter Me Inspired Candle by The Melting Library

Thoughts: This smells pretty good! It smells like a fresh shower mixed with a guy’s cologne! Lol. The larger version states that it is honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, and citrus. I like it!

Value: $3.00  

Lunar Chronicles, Fairest Necklace by The Geeky Cauldron

Thoughts: Cutteeee!! I love The Geeky Cauldron, I’ve ordered a couple times from her. She is super sweet and helpful, plus all her stuff is amazing! I haven’t read Fairest yet, but I hate Queen Levana already (I’ve read Cinder and Scarlet)! But the necklace is cute! hahaha

Value: $10.00

 Grisha Trilogy Bookmark by Drop and Give Me Nerdy

Thoughts: The bookmark is great, but can we just take a second to appreciate that shop name.. hahaha. So good. I have not read the Grisha Trilogy yet, I have it though and I want to.. I’ll get to it eventually lol. The quote says: “I’ve seen what you truly are & I’ve never turned away.. I never will.” – The Darkling

Value: $4.50

Here is the other side of the bookmark! Also gorgeous print! The quote says: “Fine. Make me your villian.” – The Darkling

Total Value for Box: $57.50!

I’m loving this box! Everything you get is so practical and useful. And if you don’t like something in it, everything would make a perfect little gift for a friend! (Which I love everthing, sooo all mine (: Hahaha)
If you are interested in this subscription, which you should be, there May boxes are still on sale! The theme for May is Harry Potter!!! I am so excited!! You can head over to to get yours! (: Hurry though! They posted about an hour ago and said only 100 spots left!!

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:


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