The Supernatural Box by Appraising Pages!


I have a super fun, not really bookish at all, unboxing!

This is a non-subscription box, created just for fans of the show, Supernatural. The box will include a shirt, and 4-7 Supernatural items curated with other small shops.

So, a few months ago Appraising Pages did a Supernatural themed box, and I didn’t know about it until after it was sold, but then they did yet another one, so obviously I had to get my hands on this one!! Ahhh so excited! I’m a hugeeee Supernatural fan! (watching the new episode as we speak.. hahaha)

 First look!

I am so excited!

T-shirt by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: This is perfect!! Ahhh I love it!

Value: $20.00 (I think. This exact shirt isn’t listed on the website, but most of the shirts are this price, so I’m gonna go with it.) 

Supernatural Fandom Ceramic Tile Magnet by Lemon Plum Designs

Thoughts: I love magnets! There are so many on the site, and I saw that people got multiple designs. This probably isn’t the one I would have chose for myself, but that’s okay! Still nice!

Value: $3.00 (A 4 pack is $10.50, so I’m estimating)

Supernatural License Plate Earrings by Eleven Dot Dot Eleven   

Thoughts: Haha these are perfect! So great, I love it!

Value: $9.00  

Cas – Supernatural Inspired Soy Candle by The Leaky Candle

Thoughts: The description of this is Vanilla, Musk, and Linen, and it smells SO good! I love this, a lot. But you all already know that I love me a good candle!

Value: $5.00

Pillowcase Design by Drop and Give Me Nerdy

Thoughts: This is amazing. I cannot wait to get a pillow to put in this! There are also tons of quotes from the show within the big writing, which says, “Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” I cracked up reading all of the quotes cause it’s obviously the best ones! This is so good.

Value: $20.00

Total Value for this box: $57.00!!

This box was so good. Appraising Pages never disappoints with their monthly bookish box, which I have multiple unboxings of up that you should totally check out! 

And if you’re interesting, which you should be, you can head to and start up a subscription!! Seriously, it is always great, plus you get a T-shirt in every box!

So, there it is! Loved it!

Thanks for reading! (: 


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