June 2016 Wrap Up!


Wrap up time! June was a good month! I didn’t read a ton of books, but the ones I did read were pretty lengthy and also amazing!

Let’s talk about what I read:

 #1: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling (HP, #6)

Thoughts: Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Harry Potter is just the best thing ever put on paper, period. I just really loved this story and looking deeper into Voldemort’s past and also getting to know a different side of Snape.

I put up my HP journey past a couple of weeks ago, so if you’d like to know more of my thoughts on this one, check that out! (:

Rating: I gave this an obvious 5/5 stars Goodreads!

#2: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (ACOTAR, #1)

Thoughts: I LOVED THIS. Seriously so good. I have not been into a book series like I am this one in a loonnggg time. Like since The Mortal Instruments. I love Feyre. I think she is a kick butt lead character. She is sassy and fierce and just awesome!

I was hesitant about it at first, but I am so glad I decided to read it! If you haven’t, you totally should!

Rating: I gave this a 5/5 stars on Goodreads!

 #3: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (ACOTAR, #3)

Thoughts: I have no words. Other than holy book hangover. This was the best book I’ve read so far in 2016, and probably one of the best books I’ve read, ever. Like.. whoa. Rhysand is just totally swoon worthy. Gah this was just SO GOOD.

I need the third book in my hands, like, yesterday.

Rating: Absolute 5/5 stars. If I could give it 500, I would.   

Well, that’s it for my wrap up this month! Haha.

I know that my TBR challenge this month was to finish the Harry Potter series, and sadly, I didn’t finish. But I am close!! I am halfway through the Deathly Hallows right now, so I will be finishing that up before I move on to anything else!

I also read a bit of Summer Days and Summer Nights, and plan to read the rest of it in July also!

Collectively, I read 2,100 pages this month, including that half of the Deathly Hallows, so even though it wasn’t a huge month in numbers for me, the reads were lengthy and also fantastic!

I will post my July TBR tomorrow, so watch for that if you’re interested!

What was your favorite read this month?? I wanna know!

Thanks for reading! (:


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