Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories Edited by Stephanie Perkins: Book Review!

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories Edited by Stephanie Perkins

Hey guys! I know it has been a looong time. I do apologize. I was really busy getting ready for my vacation, then I went on my vacation to Disney World! Which was absolutely magical! Loved it! 

Anyway, but I’m back and I’ll be posting hopefully like crazy this next week to catch up! So here is a book review! Enjoy!

Published: May 17, 2016 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Source: Hardcover, 384 pages

Maybe it’s the long, lazy days, or maybe it’s the heat making everyone a little bit crazy. Whatever the reason, summer is the perfect time for love to bloom.

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories, written by twelve bestselling young-adult writers and edited by the international bestselling author Stephanie Perkins, will have you dreaming of sunset strolls by the lake. So set out your beach chair and grab your sunglasses. You have twelve reasons this summer to soak up the sun and fall in love. 

Rating: I gave this a total of 3.7/5 on Goodreads! (I added all my separate ratings and calculated a total from that!)

Thoughts: Okay, so I will talk about each individual stories, so let’s get into this!

Head, Scales, Tongue, Tail by Leigh Bardugo: 4/5 stars: I liked this story. It was a bit weird, but it was still good! I really liked the summer romance part of it. The ending was.. unexpected. I liked it though!

The End of Love by Nina LaCour: 4.5/5 stars: I liked this story. It was about a girl whose parents are divorcing, so she takes a summer class to distract herself and runs into people from her past, one of which happens to be her love interest from a couple years previous. It was a lovely and well written story. I really felt the main character’s hurt and pain. I liked it a lot!

Last Stand at the Cinegore by Libba Bray: 2.5/5 stars: This one was kind of, no, really, really, lame. It was some love story meets horror kind of story. And yeah, I know, it sounds weird because it was. I know that this is YA, but this was very immature. The lead character Kevin seemed like a little boy obsessed with this one girl, and it just didn’t work. And the whole horror aspect was very lame. Very childish. I expected a lot more from Libba Bray because I’ve heard such good things about her. Oh well.

Sick Pleasure by Francesca Lia Block: 3/5 stars: I’m really just confused by this story. I’m not sure what the point or concept was, or what the author was trying to accomplish. It held my attention, and that’s why I gave it 3 stars, but there were other things that bothered me. I felt like it was rushed. The characters didn’t have names, they were named just by a single letter (A, M, I, L…). It just made it more confusing for me to remember who was which character. It was just strange, and didn’t make very much sense to me.

In Ninety Minutes, Turn North by Stephanie Perkins: 5/5 stars: Finally a 5 star story! This is a super cute story! Loved every second of it! The characters were so interesting, and they had a chemistry you could just feel. North had a great personality. I loved his character! I really liked this story! Perfect summer story!
Souvenirs by Tim Federle: 4/5 stars: This was a really cute story! It was about a “break-up day” between Matt and Kieth. (Yes, that is how it was spelled). It made me a little sad, and there were some emotional parts. But overall, I really enjoyed this story!

Inertia by Veronica Roth: 1.5/5 stars: Wow, I’ve never given a rating this low. This was BORING. Which really surprises me because I loved her Divergent series! I just could not connect with these characters at all. It was creative for sure, but it was just boring. The end was sweet, but that is about it!

Love is the Last Resort by Jon Skovron: 4.5/5 stars: This story was really good! It reminded me sort of High School Musical 2 when they are all working at that country club. It was fun and the characters were too. It kept me interested! I thought it was really good. The only reason I gave this 4.5 instead of 5 is because I thought there were a lot of different characters to try and keep up with, but it was still good and pretty easy to follow! I liked it!

Good Luck and Farewell by Brandy Colbert: 4/5 stars: I liked this one too. It was a story about grief, depression, and race. I know that sounds dark for a summer story, and I thought so too. But it was good, and I thought it played a big part in this anthology. Touchy subjects are hard, but this was good.

Brand New Attraction by Cassandra Clare: 3.5/5 stars: I liked this story. It was a little strange, but I enjoyed it! It was a carnival story. The description was so great. As I said, it was dark and strange, but I liked it a lot!

A Thousand Ways This Could All Go Wrong by Jennifer E. Smith: 5/5 stars: Yay! Another 5 star read! This story deals with autism, which is another very touchy subject to write about. I honestly don’t know how this authors can write about things like this so wonderfully. This was beautiful! So good.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things by Lev Grossman: 4/5 stars: This was a “Groundhog Day” type story. I found it enjoyable! I never really saw the ending coming at all. But it was really good! I liked it!

Well that is it!! I thought this was a really good collection of stories. It took me literally two months to read it, but that’s okay. It was worth it! This was great, and if you haven’t read it, you really should. There were some flops, but also some really lovely stories! Can’t wait for the next one! Hopefully there will be one! (:

Have you read it? What did you think?

Thanks for reading! (:


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