My Harry Potter Journey: Part 7 of 7!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (HP, #7)


Sorry, this post is SO late. Like, really, really late. I apologize. 

But welcome to the seventh and final installment of my Harry Potter series!

This is such bittersweet post for me. I am so sad that this journey is over. For everyone who doesn’t know, this was my first time to read the Harry Potter series. I have been documenting my journey here, and would love for you to check out all of those posts!!

Okay, so let’s talk Deathly Hallows. Wowwwww. This book. I actually had seen the movies before reading this, but I honestly could not remember what happened. So, reading this was so amazing. So many emotions and a roller coaster of twists and turns. So good. SO good!

This post will have spoilers from this point on, so if you have not read this series. STOP and go read them. (:

This story. I’m telling you guys. I read this book over a very long period of time. Almost two months, I think. I wanted to read it super slow and really be able to enjoy the final book. I loved reading about all of the Horcruxes and how Harry and his crew got them all and how the story unfolded was just so good!

My favorite character in this book was obviously Harry. He was so awesome in this one. I mean, he has been awesome in all of them, but this one was just fantastic! But I also loved Snape. Snape. Oh, poor, misunderstood Snape.

My favorite quotes. Obviously I could have used the usual “After all this time?” or “Until the very end.” quotes, but that, as I said, would be expected. I loved those quotes, but there were a couple I honestly loved.

Funny one.. Fred talking about Voldemort being back.. “Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but the fact remains he can move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo when he wants to, so don’t count on him being a long way away if you’re planning on taking any risks.” LOL. I love Snape, but this is hilarious.

Okay, okay, seriously..

“The long game was ended, the Snitch had been caught, it was time to leave the air…” MY HEART.

My favorite part? How am I supposed to choose when the entire book was my favorite part? I really loved when Harry, Ron, and Hermione was in the forest searching for the Horcruxes. I enjoyed the whole time. All of the interaction between them was so good and showed the goals which is their friendship.

Also, loved the Battle of Hogwarts!! Neville is a beast! Go Neville! I cheered when he killed Nagini. All of them working together at that point was so awesome. Just so good!

Ooh and I so loved finding out about Snape’s life through his memories. Snape is so misunderstood. My heart ached for him. My heart physically heart. But the whole scene was so good. Tears. Actual Tears.

Okay, sad parts: obviously, Snape. 

But also when Harry was going to die and used the stone to see his mom and dad again. Sirius and Lupin, too. Gah that whole scene was heart wrenching. My heart hurt throughout the whole thing. I knew Harry was not truly going to die, but it was still so sad. The scene with Harry and Dumbledore was also wonderful. I was happy to see Dumbledore’s name again!


I am so sad that this is over. I had an amazing time reading them. I don’t know why it took me so long, but I am glad I decided to (truly) be a part of the fandom. I had always loved HP and the movies, I just never read them all. I read the first like 3 I believe back in middle school, but never continued with the series. I didn’t read near as much back then. Either way, I’ve read them and I already cannot wait to reread them again! 

Obviously another 5-star rating! You just cannot go wrong with Harry Potter!

If you’ve been with me since Part 1, thank you for sticking with me. If you’re just joining, welcome! 

Please leave comments letting me know if there is another series I should do this with. (I’ve thought about doing this with Throne of Glass! I’ve not read them either. Should I??) 

Thanks for reading! (: 


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