The Book(ish) Box Unboxing – "Fairy Tales" – August 2016


This is SO late, and I am sorry. I just never got around to posting my unboxings in August. Better late than never, right?

This is The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages!

In this subscription box, every month you will receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and a 3-5 feminine home, beauty, and fashion items. The shirts will be exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and many items will be a contribution from other shops. 

The Book(ish) box is $29.99/month plus $7.50 shipping making the total $37.49/month! You do choose your tshirt size, and you can choose different types of tshirts/tank tops also so depending on your choices, yours may be a bit more. I chose the basic unisex tshirt for my box. (:

 First look!

The theme for August was Fairy Tales! 

Already sounds promising, let’s see!

 A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas T-Shirt by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: I loveeee this so much!! ACOMAF was the best book I’ve read in a long time, and ACOTAR is definitely one of my favorite series already! So cute!!

Value: $20.00 

 Peter Pan “Kiss” Necklace by The Bookish Box

Thoughts: This is too cute. It has a little thimble and acorn as the charms. A really good length too. I’m pretty sure The Bookish Box created this item for this box.

Value: $10.00? Not sure because this was an exclusive item created for this box.

Beauty and the Beast Watercolor Bookmark by Lexy Olivia

Thoughts: This is my favorite item this month, besides the tshirt. This is absolutely stunning! I love it!

Value: $8.00 

 Disney Post-It Notes by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: This is my favorite Disney quote. These are cute! A bit simple, but cute!

Value: No idea, once again. Appraising Pages doesn’t really have any products on their site. So I’ll guess at $4.00?  

Cinder by Marissa Meyer Inspired Mug by Evie Seo

Thoughts: This is super pretty. The quote says: “I would rather die because I betrayed them than live because I betrayed you” Ah I loved this whole series! Evie Seo has such beautiful art. I have many mugs by her!

Value: $15.00


Total Value for this Box: Estimated $57.00!

 I loved this box! This is such a great subscription!
Because I fail and am super late, I don’t think that the September boxes are on sale still. The theme for September will be “Literary Ladies”. The October boxes are on sale now, and the theme is going to be “Bibliophile Goodness”! If you are interested in this subscription, you can head over to to get yours! (:

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:


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