Hocus Pocus Box by Appraising Pages Unboxing!

Hello readers!!

Today, I have a super fun and exciting unboxing!! It isn’t book related exactly, butttt it is a HOCUS POCUS BOX, so it’s okay.

Occasionally, Appraising Pages will do One-Time boxes of a certain theme. A few months ago, I did an unboxing of the Supernatural box they did also. These boxes are $35 plus shipping. Expensive, but so fun!!

Let’s get into this one!!

First look!!

This looks amazing!!

 Hocus Pocus Shirt by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: Ahh! This is amazing!! I love it so much. I’ve worn it already, obviously. And I don’t even care that October is almost over, I’ll wear this thing year-round!! Lol.

Value: $20.00  

Hocus Pocus Candle by Cherry Pit Crafts

Thoughts: This smells absolutely amazing. On the website, there is literally 14 different scents you can request for this specific candle. Most being pumpkin related. I have no idea which scent this is, but I smell pumpkin for sure and maybe some cinnamon, so I’m thinking it is pumpkin spice, maybe?

Also, this packaging. Amazing. This picture is not good and doesn’t show it off. The left side of the sisters says “Hocus” and the right says “Pocus”. So pretty!

Value: $10.00 

Bracelet by Authored Adornments

Thoughts: This is great. This is the song that Sarah sings to lure the children to their cottage! So fun! and cute and subtle enough to wear all year!

The shop does not have this exact bracelet, but they do have a few listen from various books and fandoms!

Value: $24.00

 Winifred Sanderson Pin by Jar of Buttons

Thoughts: This is perfect. I have been getting so many buttons and I love it!! I’ve started a collection and it is slowly growing! Love this!

Once again, this is the brand that has literally no way to buy any products yet. Their online shop is “coming soon” (and has been for months now..) and their FB page has not been posted on since December 2015.. so I don’t have any place to tag.. I apologize.

Value: $2.00?

Hocus Pocus Travel Mug by Drop and Give Me Nerdy

Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this. I’ve been taking to work, and have gotten some compliments about it! I’m obsessed with this mug.

The quote is from Winifred and says: “Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!”

(If you said this in her voice, we should be friends, so message me (: hahaha)

Value: The mugs on their website are $24, but those are ceramic, and these are plastic. So I’m just going to guess $15?

Total Value for Box: $54.00!! ($71 with my price estimations for the pin and mug!!!!) 
What an amazing value!! These  boxes are always the best. 

Sadly, this box is sold out. These sell out so fast, like within hours. If you are interested in them, make sure you follow The Bookish Box on Instagram to find out about One-Time boxes. If you’re interested in subscribing to the monthly Bookish Box, I absolutely recommend it! Head over to  https://thebookishbox.cratejoy.com/ and get your sub!

I hope you enjoyed this #HocusPocusBox Unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (: 


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