Bookmas Day Four: Top Four Underrated Reads of 2016!

Day Four: Top Four Underrated Reads of 2016
I know it is late at night, buttt here in Alabama, it is still the 16th, so it is still day four for me!!
Today’s challenge is to list your top four underrated reads of 2016. It does not have to be releases of 2016. I have two 2016 releases, and two older releases to talk about!
#4: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: The Graphic Novel by Ransom Riggs, Art by Cassandra Jean
Okay, now I know that the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy is very much talked about, especially this year with the movie coming out and all, but for this, I am talking specifically about the graphic novel.
This was so beautiful!! I want the other two books in this form also. Maybe I just haven’t noticed, but I have not really seen anyone talk about these graphic novels. But they really should be. The art is amazing, and it makes for such a great experience with this book!
#3: The Heir/The Crown by Kiera Cass (The Selection Series, #4 and #5)
I know that the original trilogy was popular for the most part. But I feel like these last two books in the series got a bad wrap. I understand why people didn’t care for them near as much, but at the same time, I really enjoyed them. Not as much as the first three, but I still really loved them. 
The Selections Series will probably always be one of my favorite feel-good series to read. I have so much love for these books! I feel that they are underrated, and the last two definitely deserve a chance!
 #2: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
Y’all already know.. This is my favorite book, probably over anything I have ever read. I have so much love for it.
It may not technically be “underrated”, but I don’t feel like it is talked about enough. This book is the best. I will shout it from the rooftops! Literally every person on the planet should read this book and anything else Nicola Yoon puts her name on!
#1: The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee (The Thousandth Floor, #1)
I have mentioned this book many times on my blog. It was a YA debut this year, and it definitely was not talked about enough. I enjoyed this book so much! Cannot wait to see more from this author.      
Alright, there is day four!! I will meet you back here for day five tomorrow!!
I hope you guys are loving #Bookmas2016! I certainly am! Don’t forget to tag #Bookmas so that Hailey can see your posts!
Thanks for reading! (:  

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