2017 Blog + Reading Goals!

Hey friends!

I’ve seen this sort of post going around on other blogs and also on Booktube, and I thought it would be good for me to make one for myself as well!

Instead of doing just one or the other, I want to include both blog goals and reading goals. I feel like it is good to set goals! These will not be anything dramatic or impossible, just little goals to keep me motivated!

Reading Goals:

1. Read more adult novels.

I literally own like two. I hardly ever read these novels. Not because I don’t like them or anything, I just never actually look for them in a bookstore, but one of my best friends read them and loves them. So I’m going to try my best to get more into those!

2. Goodreads goal: 52 books.

Last year, my goal was 60 books. And I did reach it, but I felt rushed sometimes. So this year, I just want to set 52. A book per week seems much easier. I definitely hope I read more than that, but that it is my goal at least.

3. Read more contemporary.

I hardly read these, and I don’t know why. Because when I do, I love them! I guess I just have to be in a certain mood, so hopefully this year will be the year for contemporary!

4. Read the books I own.

I own so many books you guys. Like SO many books. Never too many (not possible), but my TBR is out of reach. I obviously will buy more books because well, I have no self control, but I do want to try to read the ones I own primarily!
Blog Goals:

1. Review more books.

Last year, I reviewed a few books on my blog, but this year I really want to review most every book I read. Last year, I mainly just reviewed the new books I read that were new releases, but now I think I will probably review each books I read. Or do like a full series review if I read an older series.

2. Participate in more tags and/or challenges

Last year, I only did a few tags or challenges, but the ones I did, I enjoyed them! So I really want to do more of those.

3. Post more often/post on a schedule.

I’m already failing at this! Haha but we will see how it goes.

4. Gain more followers/follow and interact with more blogs

I haven’t had much of a following. Especially since I moved over to WordPress, and it does sort of make me feel sad and discouraged about my blog, but hopefully it will be a better year! 
Okay, so those are my main goals for now. I know it is only 4 per category, but I really want to grow and build my blog to only be better! I want to interact with more people in the blog universe!

Do you have any main goals for yourself this year??

Thanks for reading! (:


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