The Book(ish) Box Unboxing – “Book to Musical” – January 2017

img_3213Hello friends!

This is The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages!

This subscription box has recently changed up their box to provide more options. Starting February 2017, this box will include a newly released YA book! You can choose to get a book, a shirt, and goodies. You can choose the shirt + goodies, the book + goodies, or just the goodies! The pricing varies for all of these different boxes.

This box, however, is the original Bookish Box with a tshirt and goodies, so that is what I will be unboxing today!

img_3216First Look!

The theme this month was “Book to Musical”! Which made me excited because Hamilton, and Wicked!!

img_3223Hamilton Shirt by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: I love this so much!! The lyric reads: “The plan is to fan this spark into a flame”… cause I am not throwing away my shot! Ahh Hamilton is so so good. If you have not listened to this, please do.

Value: $20.00

img_3221Bookish Notes 2017 by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: This is a cute little book to jot down the books you read in each month. It has quotes from different books and musicals throughout also.

Value: This is not listed on the website, so I will guess and say $7.00?

Below shows the inside of the book. Cute!


img_3218Currently Reading Planner Stickers by Appraising Pages

Thoughts: These are little stickers meant to be for your planner, but they are kind of too big for that. My planner is kind of small. Maybe I will find some use for them!

Value: Again, not listed.. So, I will guess at $3.00

img_3220Les Miserables Bookmark by Lexy Olivia

Thoughts: This is so pretty! We have been getting these bookmarks for the last like 4 or 6 months, and I’m loving it. I can never have too many! The quote says: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

Value: $8.00

img_3217Hamilton Earrings “Rise Up” by Tanglewood Lane Crafts

Thoughts: Oh I love these! I saw many others getting different colors with different titles, so I am not sure how many variations were sent out. But I love mine!

Value: $5.00

img_3219“Wicked”Diva Bath Bomb by Micheal Kelly Co.

Thoughts: This is SO glittery.. like I’m not sure how I will bathe with it without having to take a shower right after haha. But it smells really good! It is made with olive oil and jojoba oil, and epsom salts. It is infused with honeysuckle. Explains why is smells so good! I love bath bombs, and I can’t wait to try this one out!

Value: $5.00

Total Value for this Box: $48.00! (Including my $10 estimation on the book notebook and stickers.)

This was a really fun box! I have been loving Hamilton lately, and all of the over items were so great!

The theme for February is “Galentine’s Day”! I believe these boxes are sold out, but watch because you never know when they will open back up! For March though, don’t forget that you can change your subscription to get a book from this point on, so if you’re already a subscriber, take advantage of that. If you are not, and you are interested, there are a ton of options, so go check them out here:

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing!

Thanks for reading! (:


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