Book Review: This Really Happened by Annmarie McQueen -No Spoilers-

34438098This Really Happened by Annmarie McQueen

Published: February 25th, 2017

Source: Kindle Edition, 250 pages


I felt like I was seeing it all in slow motion; the car, sleek and black, careening around the corner, the sound of wheels skidding. Headlights illuminating her dazed expression like a spotlight as it made contact. Then I heard screaming, distant and muffled, as if I was underwater. It took me a long time to realise that I was the one screaming.

Six University flatmates.
A girl learning what freedom feels like.
A boy with a past that won’t stay buried.
One night, one mistake, that changes everything.
Let’s play a guessing game. Two truths and a lie.
Which is which?

Rating: I gave this 4/5 stars on Goodreads!


**I received a digital copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

“We all have our own truths, Erin. Sometimes they’re the same, sometimes they’re not.”

I really, really liked this! It was a mystery/contemporary self-published YA novel. And it was great!

The story was divided into two parts. Part one was definitely fast paced and involved mystery, which kept me reading. Part two was a little anticlimactic, but it was definitely necessary to tie in with part one, and it made the story tie up all loose ends.

The story was interspersed with blog posts dated months in advance, which gave the story an interesting format and kept me wondering what was happening. When the two stories met up to reveal what really happened, I was surprised. I didn’t expect the story to turn the way that it did. I felt shocked and moved by how the rest of the story played out.

The story has many different feels to it. What starts out as a light-hearted and fun read, very quickly turns into a dark and moving story. I loved it. It worked so well.

Our main character, Erin, is very much so an introvert that tends to stay out of trouble and sort of keep to herself. Her idea of fun is to stay caught up and ahead of homework. I very much so related to Erin. We saw her grow throughout this story. This book is very dense with character growth, which is refreshing to read. Erin learned a lot about herself and her roommates throughout this book and it made for a really great read.

These characters are so likable and that is part of what made me love this story so much. It was such a fast read for me because I was so invested in the lives of these characters. There were so many different personalities living under one roof, but that is what made the story so realistic. 6 complete strangers learning to live with one another was really fun to read. The romances, the friendships, everything was just really well-written.

My favorite character aside from Erin was definitely Allen, or Erin’s sister Naomi. Both of these characters brought SO much to this story and we saw much deeper into the lives of these two characters, which I really, really enjoyed. It is so nice to see characters living real lives with real problems. It is always nice to read about things that can happen in real life and to see it discussed. This book hit some pretty hard topics, and I really enjoyed it.

Not everything happened that I wanted to happen, but they way everything played out was fine by me. It wasn’t the exact ending I wanted, but it was a good ending to this story.

I thought this story was a really good one, and I would recommend it to friends!

Thanks so much to the author, Annmarie McQueen for providing me with a copy of this book. I enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for reading! (:

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