Book Review: The Towering Sky by Katharine McGee (The Thousandth Floor, #3)

36039298The Towering Sky by Katharine McGee

Published: August 28th, 2018 by HarperCollins

Source: Hardcover, 464 pages

Series: The Thousandth Floor, #3

Summary: Welcome back to New York, 2119. A skyscraper city, fueled by impossible dreams, where the lives of five teenagers have become intertwined in ways that no one could have imagined.

Leda just wants to move on from what happened in Dubai. Until a new investigation forces her to seek help—from the person she’s spent all year trying to forget.

Rylin is back in her old life, reunited with an old flame. But when she starts seeing Cord again, she finds herself torn: between two worlds, and two very different boys.

Calliope feels trapped, playing a long con that costs more than she bargained for. What happens when all her lies catch up with her?

Watt is still desperately in love with Leda. He’ll do anything to win her back—even dig up secrets that are better left buried.

And now that Avery is home from England—with a new boyfriend, Max—her life seems more picture-perfect than ever. So why does she feel like she would rather be anything but perfect?

In this breathtaking finale to The Thousandth Floor trilogy, Katharine McGee returns to her vision of 22nd-century New York: a world of startling glamour, dazzling technology, and unthinkable secrets. After all, when you have everything… you have everything to lose.

Rating: I gave this 4/5 stars on Goodreads!

Thoughts: First, if you have not read this series, then you probably do not want to read this review, haha. There may be spoilers from the first two, but none from this book til the very end! Okay, let’s talk drama.

I am so very happy with this book and the ending it gave to this series. I’ve loved this series from the very beginning, and was so so excited for this! I was not disappointed at all. There were a few boring parts and places that I thought could have been better, but overall I really loved it!

I’m going to format this just as I have my other two and talk about each character.

Avery Fuller- I still love Avery so so much. I think she deserves all the happiness in the world. Her parents are the actual worst and I hate them. I loved her in the book, but I felt so sorry for her the whole time. She is held to this completely impossible expectations and it is ridiculous. She’s a child, she’s 18, for goodness sake! Poor girl can’t catch a break. But I love her. I love her bubbly personality. Again, she doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she killed the game in this book!

Atlas Fuller- Ehhhhhhh still a little weirded out by him, but I guess I’m happy how things ended for him too, sort of. He’s okay. Sort of. Hahaha.

Watt Bakradi- Still LOVE Watt. I just wanna hug him all the time. Love him. Love his relationship in this, and just so so happy for how things ended for him. Also, Nadia is still really bomb. For the most part.

Rylin Myers- I liked Rylin and her storyline more in this one. Still a little on the boring side, but I enjoyed her more in this one!

Cord Anderton- I just really, really like Cord. I think he is so so stinking sweet. Someone give me a Cord of my own.

Leda Cole- Leda surprised me again in this book. I’m so surprised in Katharine McGee’s ability to make me completely LOATHE a character in book one, and by book three, I love that character. That was Leda for me. She grew up so much and learned to take responsibility for her actions. Happy with how she ended up also.

Calliope Brown- I didn’t love Calliope in the second book when she was introduced, but I really liked her in this one! I felt bad for her. I loved her character’s growth in this one. I’m really, really happy for her and the ending she got. I think her character deserves so much happiness.

Eris is still dead, and I’m still pissed about it. Lol. Ehh don’t care about Mariel. I think she got what she deserved, to be totally honest. Oops.

I think Brice’s character could have been better developed. I think there was so much room for him to grow. He was such a butt in the last books, but he really is different in this one, and I wish McGee would have touched on that a little bit more.

This one ends with another death, technically two, actually. I mean, really McGee? Really?

Overall, super happy with this ending and I have loved loved lovedddd the journey of reading this series over the last three years. (: I will definitely read anything Katharine McGee puts out!

Okay, now I just wanna talk a couple spoilers. Very subtle. Very brief just to get some emotions out. Here we go. Stop here if you have not read yet!!! You’ve been warned.

Thanks for reading! (:




Okay first… AVERY OMG. But also HECK YEAH AVERY!!! So much respect for her. So much. And honestly, as weird as it sounds, I hope she finds Atlas… They aren’t related, okay! It is still weird, but I want her to be happy!

Calliope’s mom. 😦 so annoyed with that dude that was her husband and ugh his daughter was THE WORST. I hope she falls off the dang tower.

NADIA 😦 😦 😦 she went out with a bang though! Getting Watt into MIT more than likely. She’s awesome. I’m real sad though. Also, did not expect that it was her that killed Mariel. AT ALL. But like I said, I don’t care for real, she was a snake and deserved it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, that’s all I think, hahaha. Please tell me your thoughts!! I want to discuss!

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Towering Sky by Katharine McGee (The Thousandth Floor, #3)

  1. Mia Seychelle says:

    Did you really like Avery? I feel like she’s extremely annoying for a majority of the series. Unlike Leda who grew up, if anything her personality got worse and worse as the books progressed. Sure her parents are not the best, but she also seems mostly focused on her own problems and doesn’t really seem to give a shit about anyone else.

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