Product Review: Literary Book Gifts

I was recently contacted by the lovely Melissa Chan of Literary Book Gifts to review her products and page. She also generously offered a promo code for my readers!

Literary Book Gifts is a site dedicated to exactly what her title says: gifts for book lovers, readers, writers, etc. She has products such as t-shirts, tote bags, and even writing gloves!

Here are a few words from Melissa herself on why she started Literary Book Gifts:

“I started Literary Book Gifts earlier this year as a way for me to combine a couple of the things I love the most, literature and design. I am inspired by characters and their stories, whether it is Peter Pan and Wendy or Herman Melville’s Ishmael from Moby Dick.

I believe that great novels are meant to be discussed and shared, and what better way than through a conversation starter like a shirt or tote bag, or perhaps as a gift.”

The site is super easy to navigate and has a very clean layout. The pricing is good. Her products look well made. The designs are so fun. She has such a broad range of designs, which I love because there is definitely a design for every single book lover, no matter your favorite genre! She has a little bit of everything. My personal favorite design is the “Hope is the thing with feathers” poem by Emily Dickinson design, one of my favorite poems!


Melissa has had a great start to her business so far, and I really hope you guys like what you see enough to use my promo code for 20% off anything in her store, no minimum purchase! The promo code is:


Help support small businesses, guys! Head over to Literary Book Gifts and treat yoself! I’ll be getting myself the Peter Pan tote and Emily Dickinson t-shirt very soon!

Thanks so much to Melissa for allowing me to review your products!

Thanks for reading! (:

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