2020 Reading + Blog Goals

Hey friends! 2020 has begun, and I wanted to share my goals for the year with you guys!


2020 Reading Goals

  1. Goodreads challenge: 100 books.
    • I read 81 books in 2019, which was a personal best for me, so this year, I really want to push myself and see if I can reach 100. I will not stress myself out over it, but I’d like to see if I can do it.
    • I have so many unread books, guys. Like sooo many. I’ve got a huge TBR that I want to read and that is a huge goal for me this year.
  3. Buying ban.
    • For 2020, I am limiting myself to new releases that I will read within the MONTH they are released, or sequels/books I am genuinely excited about that I will read as soon as I buy them.


2020 Blog Goals

  1. I want to review more books that I read, not just books I’ve received to review.
    • I was horrible about reviewing books in 2019, like real bad. I want to review most of the books I read in 2020.
  2. Reach 500 blog followers.
    • I’ve had a blog for a while now, and honestly, sometimes I get very discouraged because I don’t have much of a following. I really want to increase that this year.
  3. Interact more.
    • There are a few blogs I keep up with really well, but I want to know all of you guys and talk books with y’all!


Okay, there it is! What are your biggest goals for 2020?

Thanks for reading! (:





4 thoughts on “2020 Reading + Blog Goals

  1. Michelle says:

    YOU GOT THIS!!! I’m on a self-imposed book buying ban too…. and then I picked four books for my January BOTMs, and bought four e-books on Apple books bc they were on sale. So there goes that resolution of mine LOL.

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